Housekeeping: clean now! 7 places in your home that are threatening your health……

Housekeeping: Clean these 7 places now!
Housekeeping: Clean these 7 places now!

Housekeeping, where do you need cleaning the most?

Toilet, bathroom, study tabletop? knobs, handles, or switches? You probably wouldn’t even think of a kitchen. Yes, it’s actually worse than your toilet.


The home kitchen is the most likely place for bacteria to grow, and it is also the most neglected place.

All the elements that encourage bacteria to grow – food, moisture, and heat – are here.

Places in the kitchen that should be cleaned first:

kitchen sink

kitchen sink
kitchen sink

kitchen sinks are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria.

Using bleach can achieve the effect of cleaning the sink.

You can also fill a spray bottle with a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water and wipe it down.

Acetic acid is a natural disinfectant that effectively kills common bacteria.

Kitchen Sponge and Dishrags

Sponges and dishrags can be a prime spot for germ growth.

You can Place wet sponges into the microwave for a minute once per day.

Dry the dishrags and sanitize them regularly in the dishwasher.

faucet shower

The surface of the faucet shower is also a place where bacteria accumulate in large numbers.

You can clean daily with disinfecting cleaner, bleach solution, or disinfecting wipes.

Other kitchen items that need frequent to clean:

  • Refrigerator
  • countertops
  • cutting boards

Don’t forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after you touch raw meat or unprepared food.



Bathrooms and kitchens have a similar environment.

If the Bathroom is not cleaned in time, It will be also a perfect place for germ growth.

Spots in the bathroom you should pay particular attention to include:

  • Shower and tub
  • Drains
  • Faucet handles
  • Door knobs 
  • Light switches
  • Around the toilet
  • Bath towels
  • Toothbrushes

You can wipe surfaces and handles down with disinfectant every day.

Bathroom sinks should be wiped down with disinfecting wipes on a daily basis and toothbrush holders and cups should be cleaned weekly.

Replacing your bath towels once a week and replacing your toothbrush every 3 months will help keep you healthy.


A bed is a place to sleep and a place for bacteria to grow.

Thousands of mites could be in your bed right now. Mites feed on your shed skin cells.

If sheets, quilts, blankets, and bedspreads are not washed frequently, they can harbor dirt, which can lead to various health problems:

eczema, allergies, and breathing issues.

Study shows More Bacteria on Bed Sheets Than Bathroom Doorknobs After a Week.


Wet laundry left in a machine can cause germs to flourish even for a short of time.

Put clothes in the dryer immediately after washing.

If you want a dryer to significantly reduce the number of bacteria and viruses on your clothes, The dryer must be set at least 135 °F.

Please clean the washer drum with a disinfecting wipe, if you are using a shared laundry facility.

Makeup bag

Vanity cases, bottles, and bristles of makeup, including makeup bags, are prime real estate for germs.

These germs can cause skin and eye infections.

To keep makeup brushes clean, you can use an alcohol spray on the brushes. It’s recommended to wash it at least once a day.

Home office and Personal items

Home office
Home office

Cell phones, keyboards, remote controls, tables surfaces, including personal items, also contribute to bacteria growth。

Use disinfectant wipes to clean them, including but not limited to the following personal items:

  • Cell phones
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Cup
  • Lunch boxes

Handles, Knobs, and switches

It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean all the handles, knobs, and switches in your home once a week with disinfecting wipes.

Such as refrigerator handles, stove knobs, and light switches everywhere.

It’s a wise move to use a new wipe for every spot instead of reusing the same one.

You need to pay special attention to the above 7 places, clean them regularly, and ensure the health of your family.

Keep it clean, you can do it.

If you want to spend your time on something more meaningful, like accompanying your family.

Please contact us. Clean As New, We Can!

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